Painting Storage - Shelf Redesign

This is a project that's been a long time coming. I've wanted a nice way to store all my paintings on canvas and canvas board which have previously just been shoved haphazardly into the closet int he guest room. Yeah, I know, LAZY. And it was.

So together my husband and I finally came up with a plan. We would take some of our wire shelves (shown here) and zip tie in board with holes in it. Thanks to Sassy, I know that's peg board. [insert sage nod here] Easy, quick, cheap, and it would allow me to have different sections for different sizes of paintings. Win!

We measured it all out and got the boards cut at Lowes since we don't really have the garage set up and power tools bought for my hubby yet. It's part of the plan. Honest! We already had the shelves set up and ready, so then it was a lot of finger-breaking attachment of zip ties. Those little plastic bastards HURT after awhile.

But y'know what? The pain was worth it. Now my paintings are all stored beautifully in the closet in the craft room - easily visible, accessible, and finally safe from destroying each other as they rest against one another. There's even plenty of room for more once I get around to adding to the collection.